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I had one of those harbor freight types of folding trailers. They work pretty well, so long as you don't expect to carry a lot of weight. (Having said that, I once carried a small piano on one.) They work even better if you are willing to forget the folding capability and install a single, 4x8 sheet plywood floor. If your need is for carrying sheet goods, lumber, cabinets, and later for a bit of mulch or nursery stock, I suspect this trailer will work for you. If you need to take a bunch of stone, concrete, or heavy construction debris to the dump, you should look at other options.

Your CRV is also pretty limited to how much weight it can tow. I am thinking about 1500lbs. That limit would limit the type of trailer you should use to all but the lightest variety.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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