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No Power to Outlets in Garage

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I live in a house which I purchased four months ago and was built in 2006 or thereabouts. For the first time this morning I tried to use one of the electrical outlets in the garage and was surprised to find that there was no power and that turns out that there is no power in any of the three outlets in the garage. When I plug in my cheapo outlet tester, none of the three lights illuminate, which according to their matrix indicates open hot, but obviously it also indicates no power. I took off the cover and verified that there were wires connected to the outlet and also of course checked to be sure that there were no circuits tripped.

I really have no idea how to diagnose this or proceed. How likely is it that the circuit was just never connected? Can anyone offer any suggestions short of calling a plumber? I really have need of one of those outlets so that I can plug my Harley into the battery tender :)

Thanks in advance.
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I'm sure a plumber would get out of you giving him a call to come work on your wiring
LOL. I just finished replacing some faucets and I have plumbers on the mind.
but I'd be more likly to get good results by looking for the tripped GFI.
Thanks it was a tripped CGFI outlet. In my defense that had occurred to me but none of the outlets were CGFI. After having read your post I went out and had another look and sure enough it was hiding behind a set of plastic six foot shelves.

Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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