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No power to outlet

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I replaced 2 wall outlets and a light switch in the dining room. I pulled and replaced the wires in the back of the new as I was disconnecting from the old to make sure they were in the correct sequence. When I turned the power on, the light and fan in the ceiling work, but the outlets have no power. Our living room outlets are on the same circuit, so now I have no power to outlets in two rooms. I've heard about reversing the polarity of a house and screwing things up, but I followed the previous wiring. Any suggestions?
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Sounds like you've opened yourself a can of worms little lady. The first thing I would do is make sure all of your fuses or circuit breakers are good/untripped. Part of this needs to be done live. Starting from your switch, ID your switched leg. (ie. does the voltage disappear when the switch turns off) Does this switch normally turn on/off anything other than the ceiling light and fan? Second are any of the outlets turned on/off by the switch -normally- ? If not then check again to see if ANY GFI outlets are tripped. I have seen GFI's tripped on the other end of a house, even on different floors from where the problem is. You have to find the source of power first then when you know what's HOT and what's NOT you can rewire the outlets CORRECTLY. Your HOT leg should wired to the brass or bronze colored side of a three wire receptacle. Your COLD leg should go to the silver side and the bare copper or green should go to the green terminal.
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