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No power to outlet

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I replaced 2 wall outlets and a light switch in the dining room. I pulled and replaced the wires in the back of the new as I was disconnecting from the old to make sure they were in the correct sequence. When I turned the power on, the light and fan in the ceiling work, but the outlets have no power. Our living room outlets are on the same circuit, so now I have no power to outlets in two rooms. I've heard about reversing the polarity of a house and screwing things up, but I followed the previous wiring. Any suggestions?
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While you don't want the polarity at the receptacles to be wrong, if it was, you'd still have power there. Once you get things straightened out, you may want to pick yourself up a cheap receptacle wiring tester to verify proper wiring (unless you have a meter and know how to use it).

Do you know if the source for these recepts was at the switch box where you changed out the switch? Is it possible that you accidentally tapped the recept wiring off of the load side of the new light switch? This can easily be checked by turning the switch on and checking for power again at the recepts.

Good luck!
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