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No power to outlet

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I replaced 2 wall outlets and a light switch in the dining room. I pulled and replaced the wires in the back of the new as I was disconnecting from the old to make sure they were in the correct sequence. When I turned the power on, the light and fan in the ceiling work, but the outlets have no power. Our living room outlets are on the same circuit, so now I have no power to outlets in two rooms. I've heard about reversing the polarity of a house and screwing things up, but I followed the previous wiring. Any suggestions?
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Check the wiring on the two new outlets. Each outlet should have at least two black (or colored) wires and two white wires if there are no other wires in the box.
Is there a cable coming into the outlet box (wht & blk together) or are the wires coming in, in a conduit? If they are in a cable then one cable carries pwr in and the other feeds power to the next box.
Let me test my understanding:
The dining room wall switch has 2 switches
1 switch for Dining room
2nd switch for kitchen

both these switches work OK
two new outlets + two in living room have no power
Congratulations on your success. It's surprising what problems can be resolved with good light and maybe even with a magnifier. I think that I have solved many more problems that way than with all my test Equipment.

You have made a good step with a meter, now here are some low cost testers.
e.g. Receptacle Tester

and a Solenoid Tester which is not a tester for solenoids but a general purpose tester favored by Electricians that uses a solenoid as a measuring device. (also known as a Wiggy™)

and also a newer Non-contact Voltage Sniffer

And finally the newest Sniffer that can be used from Low Voltage up to 1000VAC

1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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