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No power going to light switches

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I was trying to replace a dimmer switch in my hallway and I did something wrong. When I turned on the dimmer, there was a small explosion and a bit of smoke came out of the dimmer switch.

Since then a couple of other light switches have stopped working. I used a voltage tester to check the light switches and there is no power going to them.

I had changed light switches before and haven't had any problems, but I have no idea how to fix the problem Im having now. I don't really know the lingo but I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction and I could fix this without hiring an electrician.
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1- remove faulty dimmer !
2 -put all wiring back the way it was before !
3- check for power again.

If none -
check all breakers
some breakers can be tripped without looking like it is so !
so turn any possible breakers off, then back on again.

Check for inline gfci's.
check and reset any gfci's that may be possible.

report findings !
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I have removed the dimmer.

I tried resetting all the breakers. I noticed that some of the lights that are on the same breaker as the faulty lights do work.

As for an inline gfci i do not see one, although im a noob and might be missing it

Still no power
What colour conductor at the switch box?

Do it have two black conductors ?

Do it have Black et White conductors?

Or have extra conductor like three way switch set up ??

Now next step after you have something blow that hard useally tell that something did miswired so check the connection carefull and see any burnt marks there to determed what it caused.

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