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No power and no breaker tripped temporarily

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So here is a strange one. Hopefully someone can help me out. Last night I went into my basement and turned on the lights (high hats). Then I turned on the TV. I saw one of the high hats flicker. Didn't think much of it and turned on the cable box. About 2 seconds later the whole side of the basement lost power.

I went over to the electrical panel and saw NO breakers tripped. I turned off the breaker that I thought it was, thinking it may reset itself. Let it sit for a while and this did nothing.

I went to bed thinking, time to call an electrician in the am. When I went downstairs this morning I had power again. Very strange.

1-Anyone have a reason why this would happen?
2-Do I call someone in now to be on the safe side?

Any answer/recommendations are greatly appreciated!!!!
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Loose connections somewhere.
You need to map out the circuit and find it.
It could be in a receptacle, or a switch, or a j-box for the can lights.

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A lot of times people will use the holes in the back of receptacles instead of wrapping the wire around the screw terminal. The wire can pop out of these holes and create an intermitent failure or just remain out causing an open circuit. I second jbfan, figure out what's on the circuit and if you have power now, turn off the breaker while you go about pull devices out of their boxes. If you can find the start of the circuit that's where i'd start seeing as how everything went off when you had a problem and not certain things. Well I guess you said just half the basement lost power so if you know which object holds the break in the circuit between things working and things not working that'll be a good bet to hold your problem.
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