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no more raking leaves ! Bought a MCS

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A little over two years ago my wife and I purchased and moved into our retirement house in the north GA. mountains . We have 2.5 acres of bliss we love it here . Having said that the fall leaves are a killer we are surrounded by trees there is no escaping . And as much as we don't want to admit it we are getting older :wink2: I have been looking on CL and other sites to try and find a clean/used/reasonably priced MCS for my JD 330 with 50 " deck .

Two days ago I see one advertised on CL , I sent an email to the seller and a volley of emails and phone calls ensued . Yesterday I decided to fire up my one ton dually diesel " kong " and make the 390 mile round trip to purchase this MCS . It is an EZ Vac brand and in excellent condition not even any surface rust . The 5 hp B&S engine fires up on the first pull and purrs smoothly . This unit is 100 % metal no fabric or plastic . The rubber hose that goes from the deck boot to the impellar is brand new . The guy even had the original owners manual !

Got it home safely and unloaded from the back of kong . I think I did good with a purchase price of just under $500.00 for the condition it is in . Even the tires are in great shape . Now I have to see if the metal deck boot fits my 50 " deck and what modifications I may have to make . Can't wait to grind some leaves :biggrin2: Here's a pic of the unit .


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Looks like a fun tool. :) Keep us posted.
I've been using Yard vacs for many years cleaning up about 35 yards.
The one I have now I bought used and it's a Trac Vac.
Sure hope you can make that chute adapter work, a good metal one is not cheap to buy.
I charge $50.00 an hour, when I tell people that they flip out, then soon find out what has taken them days to do for many years, takes me about an hour to do the same job.
If and when that flex hose fails make sure to buy a Urethane hose with wire in it, the cheaper stuff will not hold up.
I buy mine on Ebay from Universal-Hose, there about 1/2 the price of the OEM and fast delivery.
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