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Rookie DIYer here

Trying to figure out what I need to do with this window. I'll put up photos, but this window was put up in my garage really poorly. It's got gaps all around it. There was a wood frame where the window was to go, but it looks like it was just hung in with a few nails and called good.

There's siding already in place, but I am seeing huge gaps all around the window. The window has also deteriorated as well - you can see the sag in the middle of the window.

With the window in bad condition, I am going to replace it. I have noticed sites have "replacement windows" and "new construction windows". Since the siding is already up, I am assuming I can only order a replacement window? Is that correct?

Also, if I am sizing the window should I just order what is already existing in there and try to seal around it when I replace it? Or should I get a replacement window that is closer to the wood frame opening? (which in some places is 1-2 inches in gap)

Any help would be appreciated. I definitely am a novice when it comes to installing windows but I want to make sure this is correct and the windows are properly sealed. I have a lot of insects getting into my garage through these gaps.

Thanks in advance!


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Picture 1 just needs some jamb extensions and casing to finish it out.

Picture 2 shows that it wasn't hung properly or needs to be adjusted for fitment as the top span is drooping down a bit.

This is also showing in picture 3. Not sure of how they have it affixed to the home and what else might be wrong but the trim details on the outside do not appear to be ideal by any stretch.

Are you prepared to remove some exterior trim and make some adjustments?
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