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No hot air with filter in place

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Hi, my forced air gas heater recently developed a problem. When I have a filter in, the heat will unpredictably stop heating and blow cold air instead. I read about this being caused by a dirty filter and when I took the filter out and reset it worked fine. However when I put a new filter in I have the same problem. I tried the least resistant filter, MERV 4 or 6, and still had the problem. With the filter now out it hasn't happened in over a month. I'd like opinions on whats wrong before I call a repair guy.
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I do have AC so thanks for that tip. Just to make sure I understand, the AC evap coil being dirty could cause this to happen even when the AC is not running?
-Evap coil was clean and shiny, inside and out.
-All vents in the house are open and blowing air. I checked the crawl space for the bottom floor vents and none are collapsed/restricted. Upstairs go through the wall spaces so can't visually check those.
-The blower is clean and seems to be blowing a lot of air. I don't have a way to measure it so that's just a guess really.

One probably important detail I didn't connect to this before - a couple weeks before this happened I had a pretty strong smell of overheated/burnt electrical/electronics. No smoke, just that distinct smell. Never found the source but now thinking it might have been the blower motor seized/overheating.

Repair guy suggested putting the filter back in and checking for error codes the next time it happens, but no obvious cause/solution yet.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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