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No heat

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Carrier infinity dual fuel, 3 years old, no heat. Led code 24, according to manual= secondary voltage fuse is open. Check for: short circuit in secondary voltage wiring. Dealer wants $225., just to walk in the door since it's after hours. Have him coming tomorrow instead. Broke out the electric heaters.

Any ideas?
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fuse may be on your control board?? 3 or 5 amp? What do you think caused the problem?? secondary voltage is 24 VAC - read more post on this site -- pics??
Found my 3a fuse on furnace board was shot. Replaced it. So far so good
Obviously, if it goes again, I will get service.
As far as what caused it to go bad, no idea. I didn't touch anything prior to noticing no heat. Thanks for your help.
That 3 amp fuse protects the 24VAC side- T/S wires //// check for a bare wire where the wires go into the furnace/ short to ground/ metal cabnet. Best of luck!!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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