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No drain tube on inducer motor...

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So, I'm 99.99% sure my inducer motor is shot... it's been making weird noises and the other day, stopped altogether.

I ordered a new one and, while waiting for it to arrive, decided to take the old one out.. I've watched a couple youtube videos and I see that there is a drain tube on other people's motor housing...

I don't have a drain tube... there's a nozzle where a drain tube can be connected... and when I took the cover off.. there was condensation in there...

Here is a pic:

Should I have a drain tube? If so, where does it drain to? I'm assuming where all the other condensation goes out... but I don't see where I can connect it on that end.

Please help.. the replacement motor just arrived literally as I was typing this. :)
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That looks more like a pressure switch hose port, then a drain port.
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If it was just a drop or 2. Normal for that to occur.
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