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No drain tube on inducer motor...

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So, I'm 99.99% sure my inducer motor is shot... it's been making weird noises and the other day, stopped altogether.

I ordered a new one and, while waiting for it to arrive, decided to take the old one out.. I've watched a couple youtube videos and I see that there is a drain tube on other people's motor housing...

I don't have a drain tube... there's a nozzle where a drain tube can be connected... and when I took the cover off.. there was condensation in there...

Here is a pic:

Should I have a drain tube? If so, where does it drain to? I'm assuming where all the other condensation goes out... but I don't see where I can connect it on that end.

Please help.. the replacement motor just arrived literally as I was typing this. :)
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Hmm... I guess it could be one of those...

That explains why I don't have one there. Mine switch hose runs somewhere else.

Already put the new motor in. Took all of 10 mins!

But there were some signs of condensation in the old motor.... any suggestions on how that might be getting in there?
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Thanks guys! It was only a few drops in there with some mineral deposits around the gasket.

Dropped the new motor in last night. I guess I didn't realize how loud my furnace had been getting over time. Nice and quiet now!
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