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No audio

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I have a home theater with projector and receiver from previous owner.
When we moved in, one of the shelves in the devices cabinet was vacant with 3 Composite cables and 2 audio cables laying on it. They are still connected to the receiver.
DVD player and radio all works fine. I hooked up my set top box to those cables, to check if I could watch my internet TV there. Set top is the only one I have that does have composite out.
I got as far as video working fine via projector but no audio.
Any suggestions? Knowing that outputs on set top box work just fine, I had it running on a different TV. Audio cables are indeed plugged into Audio inputs on receiver.
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Lots of possibilities, but it could be something as simple as a setting in the AVR.

When you connected the set top box (what set top box?) what input was showing on the AVR display? What are the settings for that input?
Really need model numbers for each device to have any idea on what's going on.

Pictures of the connections would certainly be of help as well.
Personally, I don't think the cables are correctly connected.

It actually sounds more like you have a set of component video cables and a pair of stereo cables.

Colors on the three cables red, green & blue, along with yellow and red stereo cables?

If so, you need to connect the cables properly, then read the manual, go into the settings, and set the AVR accordingly.

I cannot find any real details on the Dune HD mini. How about either listing the connectors on it, or better yet, putting up a picture of the connectors.
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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