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Nice Solution for Halogen Undercounter Control

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I have had halogen under counter lighting for many years. 12V transformer and then low voltage wiring going to each "puck" light under the cabinets. I had it controlled by various switches which burned up 1/2 of a couple of duplex receptacles on the counter.

I switched this weekend to the touch dimmer pad and ran the various transformers off of the single touch pad kit. It is good for 200W and this is only 8 pucks in total and I have 10W bulbs in each puck. Now I control it with a slick touch pad under the counter and all are controlled off the one switch. I can now dim (four levels) which is a nice addition.

Anyway just thought I would share as I thought it was a good solution. I put back regular duplex receptacles where I had put in switches (1/2 outlet, 1/2 switch) before.

I used a Good Earth Lighting G9100-TD Touch Pad Dimmer but I guess there are other vendors out there.


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