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Hi - My yard has already been plumbed for a NG hookup where I want to place a new outdoor grill (and possible side burner). I don't have the specific plans for the layout as this is all underground - so I just used the physical distance between appliances for these calculations.

In looking at the calculations though, I'm concerned it will exceed capacity. For the case w/o a side burner, it exceed in one section by 13 CFM (150 CFM required where capacity for that length pipe size is 137 CFM). For another section it is exceeds by 12 CFM.

I also don't have the exact BTU for the the fire-pit - it is a 22" dual round stainless steel ring burner. In looking at comparable rings on the market, it looks like 100,000 BTU seems like a good assumption.

- Is being undersized by 13 CFM a significant issue in these calculations?
- I doubt all the appliances will be run at 100% at the same time - but if they are, is the impact just that the further appliance is starved of the 13CFM and just burns a little cooler?
- Adding the side burner would mean I am now off 37 CFM. Given that, I was thinking of forgoing that feature unless this isn't a huge concern as well.



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