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In a basic sense, I want to build a small bench, basically a rectangular plywood box you can sit on, with storage inside. Ideally half of the storage would be a cabinet, half would be two or three drawers, but if the drawers are too complicated, the entire thing could be a cabinet and that would be fine. The outside will be covered in wood paneling or Formica, and I hope to have a cushioned seat if it's within my price range/ability. (This bench is for the interior of a VW camper van.)

I have minor carpentry experience (I have built things similar to this in the past) but not enough to go into this project fully confident it will come out right, and I want to do it right the first time.

So, where to start? I can leave you with measurements for the space the bench will fit into:

Length - 34"
Height - 13" + 4" padding or 16"
Depth - 16"

Thanks! :thumbsup:
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