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Newbie: Need switch wiring help!!

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I am a newbie to this forum and glad that i found it. Hope some of you seasoned electricians out there can help me. The situation is that I have a fluorescent light in my kitchen that is controlled by 2 3 way switches and one 4 way switch. The light went out and I took out bulbs from fixture and checked power to ballast. No power. So, then I started messing with the switches and now I have a mess. I removed the wiring from all of the switches, 2 3way and 1 4 way. Dumb move on my part because I did not label any of the wires. We do not even use either of the 3 way switches so what I would like to do is do away with both 3 way switches and replace the 4 way switch with a single pole switch. How do I do this and I will need specific directions if you can give them to me.Most electrical jobs I can do and I know that i can do this one, just need some guidance. Thanks in advance and glad i found this forum
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It is impossible to give you an answer without knowing exactly how the circuit is wired. It is possible to do what you want but someone would have to be on site and do some testing to determine where the power feed is located and where the fixture connections are. You need an electrician on site.
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