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Newbie: Need switch wiring help!!

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I am a newbie to this forum and glad that i found it. Hope some of you seasoned electricians out there can help me. The situation is that I have a fluorescent light in my kitchen that is controlled by 2 3 way switches and one 4 way switch. The light went out and I took out bulbs from fixture and checked power to ballast. No power. So, then I started messing with the switches and now I have a mess. I removed the wiring from all of the switches, 2 3way and 1 4 way. Dumb move on my part because I did not label any of the wires. We do not even use either of the 3 way switches so what I would like to do is do away with both 3 way switches and replace the 4 way switch with a single pole switch. How do I do this and I will need specific directions if you can give them to me.Most electrical jobs I can do and I know that i can do this one, just need some guidance. Thanks in advance and glad i found this forum
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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