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Newbie lends a hand for free in NYC to learn the ropes

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Hi everyone,

I’ll be starting a sabbatical from work next week (04/03) to learn all I can about home renovation and maybe eventually change careers.
Since I’m renting an apartment in pristine condition in Brooklyn there’s nothing I can start working on at home.

I’m thinking about taking classes at the New York City College of Technology but it won’t replace real-life experience.

So if anyone in NYC needs help with his home improvement project and is patient enough to teach me a couple of things along the way, I’d very happy to help! Even if it’s very simple stuff to begin with like painting. Since I’m on a sabbatical I have plenty of time available (before I run out of money at least :laughing:).

Any help and advice on how to get started is more that welcome!

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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