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You have a switch loop. It does not contain a netural wire, so you can not add another switch as it is wired now.
What you can do is this.
Remove the cable from the light box to the switch
Replace that cable with a new 14/3 to the switch box.
Wire the new cable as the old cable is wired, except you need to add a pigtail to connect power to the other switch.
Connect the black wire to one switch, and the red wire to the other switch.
In the light box, connect the white wire from the 14/3 to the black wire that is labeled power and bedroom
Run a new 14/2 from the light box to the exhaust fan.
Connect the white wire from this cable to the white wire from your power source.
Connect the black wire to the red wire from the switch, and connect the black wire from the switch to the black wire going to your light.
Your box may be crowded, so you may have to install a bigger light box.

Hope this helps!
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