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New Windows Ringing/Resonating

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Recently installed 4 Polaris ThermalWeld double-pane sliders, in 3 rooms. Previous windows were aluminum frame single-pane, with aluminum frame single pane storm windows. Behind my back yard is a fairly busy road. I'm getting some ringing/resonating in the windows from the traffic noise that I don't recall having before.

For one of the windows I still have the original window and frame; I'm going to install that inside the frame/casing and see if that cuts down the ringing at all. Unfortunately, I already tossed the others. :(

Anything else I can do about it, short of sticking a foam insulation panel or something in front of the window?
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I have heard of this happening on a couple of previous occasions with regards to weird traffic noise frequencies.

Shoot me an email or give me a call on Monday we can chat and see what the options are.
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