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New Window Question

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I made a slight :)() error when installing my new window on my home project. It is new construction and a new construction window with a nail fin. I used the 6" waterproof tape on the window sill, I used caulking on the corners per the directions, I wrapped the tape up the sides of the windows, and then on the top as well. Everything looks great!

Except...except that I didn't install the building wrap first. :eek: So, I have a nicely sealed window but the building wrap will now be installed on the outside of the waterproof tape.

Is this a major issue? Is there an easy solution without unistalling the window? I'm worried that removing the window will cause damage to the nailing fin but I'm willing to do it if it is the only solution.
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Read carefully:

And, but without the sheathing holes: Notice the head flashing....

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