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New window install on existing stucco home

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So I have my windows put in but my question is on my exterior trim options. I purchased 1x6 engineered wood trim and have cut the stucco around the opening for the trim to fit. The problem is that when I test fit, my trim is sitting below the level of the stucco and not flush with the stucco. I'd like my trim flush or even a little proud of the stucco. Can I build the trim up behind it to bring it to where I want it? How would I go about that?
The other issue is after the trim is installed how do I patch the gap between trim and stucco?


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Is the engineered wood trim approved for outdoor use? Generally you can shim under the window trim to bring it up to the level you need, and flat so it doesn't rock on the window flange. Any time I am cutting up cedar or PVC for any use I keep all the trimmings to use for shims. If you need less, you can use multiple layers of sticky flashing.

Spaces between the trim and siding, and trim and window should be caulked with good quality paintable caulk. You should also be putting metal flashing at the top and bottom when appropriate.
If you can get by with a dab or caulk or construction adhesive to hold your shim, do so. You may find you need more shim outboard of the window mounting flange to keep the trim from rocking.

By the way, are you putting a strip of self-adhesive flashing over the window mounting flange on three sides? That would serve to seal the nail heads from mounting the windows, keep the nailholes from the trim from leaking, and in your case gives you 1/16" or so. I would still use metal flashing top and bottom as well.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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