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1. After cutting the hole in cinder block we will have the rough opening approx. 51.5x39.50. Does that sound right for 2x8" treated lumber? 2x8 lumber sounds correct for an 8" nominal block. You should find the rough opening dimension for the window. Add 3" to each dimension and that is the Masonry opening you will need.

2. How do we attach the treated lumber to the cinder block? What is a lintel and do we need one? For best results you should be toothing in block where you have to saw cut and grout filling the cells the best you can. Then you can use any standard masonry fastener to attach the blocking. Yes you will need either a masonry lintel or a framed wood header depending on your application within the wall (i.e. if the masonry is only 1 course over the window, then a wood header would be sufficient.)
If the wood header is your route then you might consider making load bearing wood jambs to eliminate the need for excessive block repair and grouting.

3. Do we insulate with expandable foam or caulk? If you mean between the window and wood framing, then expandable foam (made for windows and doors).

4. How do we finish the exterior, cinder block walls, and interior of window. To match the existing conditions unless alternative finishes are desired.

5. Is there a video on this somewhere? Do a youtube and/or google search

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