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New WiFried Thermostat

Hello All,
I am new to this forum but I find forums very helpful specifically when I run into issues. I consider myself very electrically savy but recently I started a small upgrade project that went south very fast.

I have 3 each 240V/1000w baseboard heaters in my upstairs master bedroom. when I purchased my home I did not understand why there was a new High Effeciency furnace and baseboard heaters upstairs. But the first winters chill told me right away that it was to make up for that 15 DegF difference between downstairs and upstairs.
We ran the baseboard heaters a couple of times last winter but not very much. This year is a little colder than last and I thought we would probably run them more so I wanted to upgrade the Tstat with a line voltage Tstat by Honeywell (Red Link). I upgraded our furnace to a Honeywell Tstat WiFi enabled last year.

I installed a junction box in the basement close to the electrical panel to house the EIM relay and wifi module. the wireless Tstat would link to that and be kept in our bedroom hanging on the wall.
First thing I noticed is that the breaker was 30A so that threw a flag but I proceeded with the install and figure I would change the breaker to a 20A at first opportunity.
After wiring in the EIM relay I took the current Tstat that was on the wall and removed it and wired the 2 white wires together and the same with the 2 black wires. So far I am thinking I am doing good(?).
After that it was time to power everything up and connect the wireless Tstat to the EIM. When I powered up the breaker I immediately fried the EIM. I have now spent several hours trying to figure out what went wrong with no luck.
I have looked over all of the ratings and figured everything should be within acceptable limits. 3000/240=12.5A which is the maximum rating of the EIM relay. Wires to the heaters are 12/2.
Below is a quick drawing of how I wired in the EIM and an actual picture of the EIM with the schematic printed on it.
I started to question the method in which the heaters were wired but they worked last year and I did run them right before I started this conversion to ensure they were still operable. Whom ever wired them ran a wire from each heater unit to the other. I somehow think I would have saved wire by mounting a junction box and running a line for each heater from the junction box. But I am not sure. I know they have to be in paralell and it appears they are. It just looks like they used twice as much wire than they needed.
I hope I have painted my issue clear enough but if not, please ask quesions. I am now $300 into this since I had to purchase another EIM relay but am hesitant to install until I can figure this out. I am seriously considering rewiring the heaters all the way to the electrical panel but its not a project I want to do now.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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