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New Washer/Dryer OLD HOUSE

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Hi guys,

I can't believe there is a forum for DIY stuff and I am SO thankful! First of all thank you for taking the time to help me any way you can. Here's my dilemma, I quickly moved to a small town where the only available house for rent seems like the last upgrades were done in the early 70s. We're talking two pronged outlets, horrific wallpaper, the list goes on and on. To the point - the washer and dryer do not work and the landlord refuses to buy a new set. I've come to live with her being unhelpful and am ready to have my own set but I need to know if the house can support the system I'm looking at. I took a picture of the fuse box and the dryer box. They are attached and here is the link to the washer/dryer I would l like.

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Still no photos showing. If there is a 240 vAC 3 wire outlet for the dryer, you need a 3 wire cord. If the dryer and washer both use just 120 vAC. You need a MWBC (Multi-Wire Branch Circuit) for 2 20 amp circuits. You would share the Neutral and Ground between the two. One outlet would use the Red wire hot, the other outlet would use the Black wire for hot.

If all that you have is a Hot and a Neutral. You can legally get by with just a GFCI outlet. It needs to be marked "No Ground". If you want a grounded branch for both appliances if 120. You would need to pull all new 12/3 from the panel to the location for the outlet.

If you are not comfortable with this. Then it is fine to pick up the phone book and call an electrician. There are some Handymen/women who are licensed Electricians & Plumbers. But you need to ask them for that information before they start any work for you. Otherwise if they mess something up. You are on the hook for it if the city questions who did the work.

If you want something to help you understand the wiring. Go pick up a copy of Black & Decker's "The Complete Guide to Home Wiring". It has all of the most common wiring diagrams, a DVD with a copy of the latest NEC and also some videos. You will find that it will get a lot of use when you are trying to figure out how you want something wired.
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