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New Washer/Dryer OLD HOUSE

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Hi guys,

I can't believe there is a forum for DIY stuff and I am SO thankful! First of all thank you for taking the time to help me any way you can. Here's my dilemma, I quickly moved to a small town where the only available house for rent seems like the last upgrades were done in the early 70s. We're talking two pronged outlets, horrific wallpaper, the list goes on and on. To the point - the washer and dryer do not work and the landlord refuses to buy a new set. I've come to live with her being unhelpful and am ready to have my own set but I need to know if the house can support the system I'm looking at. I took a picture of the fuse box and the dryer box. They are attached and here is the link to the washer/dryer I would l like.

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Be very careful with any alterations you make to a rental unit. The landlord may hold you liable for any damages later. He may also with hold your security deposit when you move.

If he has stated that it's "OK" to make changes, make sure it's in writing.
Then call a local electrician.
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