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New tree

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We recently started planting to make our yard look more attractive. We found what is called a Flowering Peach Tree. (4 of them) We checked them out before buying the trees and we were under the impression that the trees would yield only flowers. Well after these have bloomed in March and the flowers are now gone, there seems to be little peaches popping up everywhere on these trees. Do these tress yield fruit as well and will they be a hassle as other peach trees are when yielding fruit. Thanks for any info. All the pics and info I can find shows flowers and only a few with small looking peaches.:help:
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01fordeb - A flowering peach will produce some immature fruit. Thats just a product of the way those trees are made. It is a normal thing. And those trees are man made. The ones i am familiar with were all root grafted. I don't know where you are but if your not in zone 8 or further south i do not think any kind of peach tree is going to work for you. Fruit trees can be difficult to grow. They seem to be very fragile.
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Thanks, I live In South Carolina and I think it's zone 5. We really don't want a tree that produces fruit but as long as it's not a lot or messy, it will be fine. We really bought them because of the pretty blooms they produce. Thanks for the info.
01fordeb - You can use this map to figure out your climactic zone -
Flowering peaches are nice. I really like those flowers.
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