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Hey Guys, I am new to the forum here.....I love the information I have read so far and am looking forward to learning a lot. I am a Yacht Detailer based in the Hamptons of Long Island , NY and am 28 years old in the beginning stages of buying my first home. I am going to be doing a lot of DIY and upkeep and maintenance is my Forte:) as I said I am a detailer so I pay attention to the details and as anal as they I am totally interested in reaching out to this brotherhood for some good old fashioned knowledge from those of you who have mastered their craft, have experienced the trials and tribulations of DIY home projects and those who just plain old know what the he!! their as I get near the closing...(june 1st ) I will be hitting the books hard as to how to's and get ready for the first year in my very first home
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