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Hi, just wanted to introduce myself and say Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance. I have my first really big project which I will post in the remodeling section, but first a quick hello and a little about me.

Out of necissity I have become a modest 48yo female DIYer. My projects up to this point have been very small. An example of what I've done include: replaced electrical outlets, fixed toilet leaks, replaced faucet leaks, replaced multiple window panes, replaced locks sets, small sheet rock repair, hung ceiling fans, replaced outdoor electrical power to well, removed carpet and adhesive from concrete floor, replaced hot water heater.

My tools include the basics, hammer, drill, skill saw, jig saw, level, tape measure, chisel, chaulk line, screwdrivers, roofers square, assorted wrenches, and more odds and ends that I can't remember right now. Its a start but nothing out of the ordinary.

I have been practicing nailing with hammer, cutting with skill saw, leveling things and measuring. I still need more practice with the measuring, but we go on.

Now, for my first big...... really, big project, Bathroom remodel.

Please go over to the remodeling section and offer any tips you can. I have loads of questions.


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