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:thumbsup:Hello! I am a non-homeowning do it yourselfer interested in historic restoration. I come from a family owned hardware business - door and cabinet hardware, faucets, bath accesories, etc. My father is a very respected authority in the business around this area (West Palm Beach, Fl) being in business since 1964...after taking over the business my grandfather started in 1935... I have made it a point to absorb as much information as possible from him over the years. Our business use to supply alot of commercial jobs like hospitals and schools, but we are now primarily residential. I am hoping to pick up more info here about trends, vintage hardware, what projects people are doing themselves and also to share some the "old-school" knowledge I've picked up from my dad.
I also am entertaining the idea of advertising here and would like to get some feed back on how well that works for people as opposed to print media advertising. I dont really know how this forum stuff works so I'm just getting my feet wet in an effort to expand venues for my business and also to get the old school info out there that might other wise fade away as that generation disappears. I'm looking forward to communicating with all of you out there on all these topics.!:thumbsup:
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