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When I first discovered forums like this one,I was excited and completely lost---

I am not a computer person---I could make an IBM Selectric just sing but this new fangled computer:whistling2: --Son of a gun---no chrome 'space' bar--

Lots of symbols to click on that just might cause the computer to explode---

I figured I'd be laughed right off------My first post was one big paragraph because I did not know that 'enter' made spaces.

The point of this thread? We get new members every now and again that are learning, just like I did some years back----

To the new members---Just start pressing buttons and figure things out--we all started out learning--

To our regulars---continue to be helpful to the 'lost' new members--a kind word and an explanation helps a lot----

And everyone---remember to enjoy your time here.----Mike-----

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I'm a new homeowner and new to the site and by asking a few questions I've gotten some great answers and suggestions. It is much appreciated as a newbie getting help! Thanks to all the people with the know-how that help out us new guys.
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