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Just wanted to say hello. I bought my home 30 years ago and it was 20 years old when I purchased it. We updated things over the years, but haven't done much to our home the past decade. My funds are somewhat limited this time of my life and I am still able bodied...not dead yet!! (60 year old female). At any rate, I plan to do as much as I can on my own, as far as painting and perhaps replacing some of my older carpeting with laminate flooring. I may want to add some chair rail in my dining room and crown molding, also. So this is about enough for me to bite off right now. I did buy some painting supplies with the help of a nice Home Depot employee. I want to paint my DR, LR, FR, and bathroom in contempory colors: sage green, rose, taupe, sunkissed yellow (not too bright or pale)...probably a mustard shade would be more descriptive. I know to save the flooring for last. Question I have is: Do I paint the ceiling first or do I even need to paint it? Ceilings, as well as all the walls, are boring off white or egg shell. A friend of mine said I should paint the ceilings the same color as the walls. I have seen rooms both ways. I prefer the off white ceiling or perhaps the palest shade of whatever wall color I choose to paint. I am thinking of resell down the line, but not for three years or more. Which would be more appropriate for the ceilings? Or is it a matter of preference. My rooms are nice sized, but I think painting the ceiling the same shade makes the room look smaller. I can't wait to get started. I want to begin in the 1rst floor bath, a small BA with a corner sink and shower stall. I bought the gadget or edger to help frame the walls from the has wheels on it. The Home Depot guy said it will give a nice straight line.

I think I will be on the site alot looking for ideas. I have lots of projects to do for I have a 2 story home and a full basement. My laundry room needs a good coat of paint and I want to add some shelving there after I complete the first floor.

I just stumbled upon this site, and I am so glad that I did.

Thanks for being out there, Nathan and everyone else on DIY, also. I just opened Nathan's Welcome message.

PS I assume since the walls are white/off white that I do not need a base coat. I imagine I need to wash the walls or is seeing they are free of dust by wiping them down with a dust cloth or microcloth just as good. The walls are not dirty/smudged, a few chips here and there/nailholes when I remove the pictures.

Any tips would greatly be welcomed.


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hi and welcome to the forum.
the designer types here can help you with colors, the painters will help with brands and types of paint... so you came to the right place!


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You should wade right in and post your questions in the painting section, they'll probably get a lot more responses over there.

Depending on the style and size of your house, adding chair rails, crown moldings and multiple colors may get kind of busy, but then I'm a guy who spreads white Behr Swiss Coffee semi-gloss enamel on just about everything. Let the rugs, woods, furniture, pictures and vases provide the color, I say. But that's just me. :laughing:
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