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New to Basement Insulation

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My new Raise Ranch House Basement has 9' ceilings {w/ knee wall}
what would be the best Insulation to use on the knee wall? I'm planning on fishing the basement some time what would be best to use for the concrete area ? Would I get better results by going with 2'x4' studs for the bottom part and use batten insulation what value should I get?

Taunton MA.

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There are a ton of threads about kneewall insulation approaches but rigid foam seems to be the best. Make sure it is done according to code.
Talking to my contractor , he has advise me to use r21 for the kneewall and wall for the basement. Will start on the kneewall first because I framing the 5' wall later.

Being a contractor does not make him an authority on insulation and proper weatherization techniques.

If you are insulating this area, you would be well served to read any of the countless threads on air sealing, kneewalls, etc.
My contractor has to pass inspection from the the building inspector for our town so he should know what is to be use for our town laws in MA.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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