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New tile -- Dishwasher height

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My mother-in-law is redoing her kitchen. The current floors are linoleum. She wants to replace the floor with ceramic tile. She will also being replacing appliances and countertops (granite). The current counters are Formica. The floor installer raised a concern about tiling around the dishwasher and locking it in. There is no clearance between the dw and current counter. Has any faced this? I suggested having the counters replaced first since the older Formica counters are thicker and the granite might provide more clearance. Please suggest.
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Remove the old vinyl and the associated underlayment. It's not wise to tile around that dishwasher and trap it in the hole. I suspect there is more than one floorcovering in place below the vinyl you can see.:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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