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Air tight building assemblies are the name of the game with energy star, but that prompts a host of issues related to HVAC. Without proper air exchanges and exhausts you will quickly get a "sick building". So, I'm posting this to see what you all think.....

Stoves: In a sealed home, turning on a stove hood would create negative pressure that could pop ears (not badly, but noticeable). So, you put in a ducted intake to the stove area. Question is where? If you put the intake at your feet you would be standing in a draft as you cook. Put it near the cook surface you could affect the cooking characteristics (mainly on open flame gas) and leave open the possibility of food going in. Put it above the stove on the back and you don't get the best exhausting. Stove manufacturer's have been called and none address the issue or seem to care.

Bathroom Exhaust, Dryers, Furnaces, General Air Exchange
Commerically this kind of stuff is all dealt with through the air handling system. Do you feel that air-tight houses will need this type of system? or do you feel there are simplified options that will balance the space when fans are turned on and allow for outside air to enter and be tempered accordingly. Dryers can consume a huge amount of air, but bringing in ice-cold air (in cold climates) could result in some unwanted condensation and large electric bills from an inefficient drying cycle.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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