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New Thermostat issues when cooling

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A few months ago I installed a programmable thermostat in my home because i was having heating issues. I had someone come over and fix it and everything worked fine.

But now that its hot outside, I my cooling is messing up. :( This is whats happening:

The Thermostat will read 80-81 when its not really that temp inside. So i turn on the A/C, cold air blows out, its working just perfectly fine, but the temperature on the Thermostat will remain 80-81 regardless of how cold it gets in my house. This causes the A/C to continuously run non-stop unless I manually turn it off. Simply put, it gets cold in my house but the Thermostat isnt changing temp.

I read about someone on here having a similar problem w/ an old Mercury one, but mines a brand new Honeywell digital one. Is my Thermostat faulty? The wires i connected to the new thermostat looked pretty old, but that seemed to be something I cant fix on my own, so I wanted some expert advice before I call out an electrician.

Thanks a bunch! :)
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If you have a thermometer put it beside tstat see what the difference is. Is there a tv or something around giving the stat an improper reading. If the stat is off you may want to replace it. Home depot models of the honeywell round are not the best quality.
check the setup menu it might be looking for a remote sensor that isn't wired in need to change it to the sensor/thermistor "on board" that should be located on the bottom of the subbase..that might be missing.
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