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I recently had our concrete steps replaced by a licensed concrete contractor but I’m concerned about the workmanship now that the job is done. I’m trying to determine if the end result is typical and whether I’m making something out of nothing.

We live in a circa 1920’s house. When first built, the porches were wood so I’m guessing that at some point the wood porches were replaced with concrete. (1940’s, 50’s perhaps?). My old concrete steps were starting to crumble so we hired the aforementioned concrete guys come in and replace them.

A couple days later, work done, they cleaned up and left. We stood back and gave the end result a good onceover. At first look, they appeared blotch, crooked and the reset hand rail wobbles a bit. I know the top of the porch sags a touch. (almost ¾ of an inch from the left to right for the width of the steps). I made some measurements and hopefully the attached photos will better illustrate my concerns.


The hand railing wobbles a bit.

Concrete color blotchy

Widthwise, they are not level (about a ¼ inch lower on the right)

The bullnose is uneven and bulges.

Finally, the new steps treads slope down a bit so the area little higher in the back than at the bullnose end. (is this normal?)

The contractor is coming back tomorrow to assess things, but it would be helpful to have some answers in regards to what is typical with a concrete job like to see if my concerns are valid or am I being to picky. For example: is, is concrete an imperfect science and are these results normal? Will the blotchiness blend in eventually” What’s the contractor going to say with regard to the above questions. Any suggestions or comments would be great, especially if you have experience with building (poring) concrete steps!!

In advance, thanks so much



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