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Hve thought of half dozen ways to do this and a reason NOT to do any of those. Flat alum material will telegraph every little bump and expansion contraction worries me!!

This is an end of a porch attached to the side of a gable end kitchen wall. The porch roof is about 27 inches high at highest point,about 6 inches at least point. triangle shape and about 6 foot wide.

Underside is white prorib alum soffit on an angle. whole porch is tilted as all porches are bottom edge is L-6 white steel. My last thouht is white prorib run vertically. J trim across the top and either 3/8 white z flashing across bottom OR j trim with lots of big drain holes drilled into it since it WILL collect water and ice etc.

Same siding as house wont work because outside edge drops down and hard to get perfectly straight and keep that way. House is mostly sandstone tan so the little bit of extra white soffit material would not be too much,,soffits are only 10 inches anyway!! Would pole barn screw seal out moisture well enough??

Will this look dumb and cheap using soffit panels vertically?(on small spot)???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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