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new shallow well problems

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I just installed a shallow well for irrigation. The well is 30' deep and i get water at 18'. Running one hose with open no more than 3/4 it has fine pressure, if i open it fully then the water pressure drops and the gauge drops to about 2psi. It never loses prime for i can close the bib and it will jump back up.
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It it a 3/4 (hp) with a 5 gallon pressure tank, 1 1/4" well pipe reduced to 1" after the check valve. The specifics of the pump is 920 gph, 98' head lift, 26' suction head lift...the pump never loses prime, just when opening the hose fully it sounds like the pump starts cavitating until i close it some then its ok, just not full took 2min 13sec, to fill 5gallons
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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