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new roof

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we had a new asphalt shingled roof put on our twin house, a-frame roof. The roofer is off by about 3-4 inches in the front of the house where it joins neighbors roof, where he placed a hip down the middle. The back is perfectly lined up with his in a straight line. How can this be fixed? He still has not gotten back to us as to why it is 3-4 short from center. And what if it leaks on this 3-4 inch gap as it is on our side?
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pic is attached


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I can't really tell what that is down the middle

Any roofers want to take a stab?

Do you have a pic of the back to show the difference?
He kept the ridge on your side.

Who's the cheap guy on the other side that couldn't do the whole thing right.............haha

We did this once with siding. Ran a nice J-channel right up the middle and sealed it. Looked real nice.
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