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New roof, vent leaking

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Hello - had a new roof put on (replaced most of the old wood with 1" thick wood) two weeks ago. After severe rains three nights ago, the bathrooom had water and ceiling area (next to skylight) was wet and bubbled. Called contracter and told him I thought it was the skylight. He had his guys come the next day to reseal, including two vents. After his review of the internal damage, he said since the water came through the vent duct and not the skylight, there was no insulation damage and it would need to dry a few days before he figures out what to do. Two days later and a hard driving rain, the water drippage is coming from the ceiling area and the surrounding area of the vent is soft. He hasn't returned my call yet (it's a Sunday). What would the next steps be to take care of besides getting on the roof again to reseal?
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Honestly, a blue tarp. If you do ANYTHING to the roof you'll have a hard time making a claim against him or his insurance stick.

This is one time when I'd tell a DIYer to sit back and not do anything.

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This is disturbing in a few ways. The roofer couldn't properly flash the vent the first time. He comes back and can't repair it the second time.
By, "reseal", did he slather tar on the roof? If that's the case, he's not a real good roofer.
The vent should have been removed and reinstalled correctly. Or a new one put in, if the current one could not be removed intact.
I would review every roof protrusion to see that it was done correctly or you'll be chasing leaks for the forseeable future.
Agree with the Termite, cover the roof and stop the water.
This is something the roofer should have done. Sunday or not.
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