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New roof leaking.

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I am building a shed under my deck. Got the roof installed and put it into position. Got a heavy rain last night and it leaks. I have a slope of about 6 total. Thats about all I can do The inside wall is 90 inches high and the outside is 84 inches high. This may not be enough of a slope but that is all I can really do. I figured if it was under the deck it wouldn't get hit so hard. Well I was wrong. I will be taking out the wall to see what I can do to fix this problem. I was thinking of putting plastic corragated sheets on top to give it more protection. Any ideas. Iused tar paper and roofing shingles.
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Shingles are not used in a roof pitch less then 3 in 12. That's a 3" drop over 12" of horizontal run. The phase, "I have a slope of about 6 total", doesn't reveal the actual roof pitch. What's the distance from ridge line to the fascia board?
There might be other issues with the roof. Why don't you post a picture?
Gaf/Elk Timberline shingles go down to a 2/12 pitch but that still may not suit your needs.
Ice & water sheild would probably work fine as an underlayment (after all it is only a shed)
You do need to let us know what the horizontal length is from the exterior wall to the ridge
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