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My mother had a new roof on a concrete block building. A lot of decking on one side was rotted, so the work included replacing a good part of the decking/lumber on that side. The roofing company is highly reputable and knew we were trying to keep costs down. When they did the new framing, they joined a lot of new to old wood. My brother is concerned because, for some reason I don't understand that had to do with notching out some wood as part of the union between the old and new framing, there a small section of the roof dips down, maybe down three inches, along one side. He is not concerned water will pool there, since there is still a decent slope, but thinks the surface tension of the water will somehow carry it under the shingles on that side.
Given the condition of my mother's barn at the start, I'm thinking there are probably some variation in the roof is acceptable in order to get the job done without replacing all of the roof lumber. Any thoughts?
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