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Hey guys-

So before I get too far into this I know I will catch some hate for this and want to preface that I will have my electrician buddy look at this before completing the project but want to see if I can figure this out before I call him over.

The project:
I recently replaced 2 incadescent light fixtures in a 3 way switch setup with 6 LED recessed lights. I have them on two dimmable Lutron switches.

My light setup is as shown in the image below; dimmable light switch at bottom of stairs, dimmable light switch at top of stairs and then a chain of 6 LED lights.

A close up of dimmable switch diagram:

I have double checked all my wiring and it's tight and correct.

The symptoms:
LED lights strobe and after several on and offs or dimmable adjustments the lights stabilize and stay on. This first symptom is less worrisome since I think that the culprit is the dimmer. I have contacted the manufacturer or the LED recessed lights and they gave me the approved dimmers (mine is not one of them). So I am hoping this fixes the buzz and strobe.

The more worrisome symptom and one that you may not be able to help me with is, several other outlets and one light switche have STOPPED working. I will try to explain this as best as I can.

The light switch that has stopped working is wired before my 3-way recessed light setup. So... why has it stopped working? It's also hot. So... it's reads hot with my wireless volt meter but the light switch does nothing. Similarly, the 2 outlets that have stopped working also read hot but nothing plugged in works... I am not sure where the two outlets are in respect to the 3 way setup. They cannot be at the end since the recessed lights are the end of the setup. I am extremely confused. :vs_worry:

If anyone has any ideas or has run into this please let me know. I have wired lights, receptacles, fans, lamps but I am by no means an electrician. :wink2:

Thanks in advance.
in order to have two dimmers on a three way set-up the dimmers need to be the digital type. Check out the Lutron Maestro series. Using two standard 3-way dimmers does not work well, one of them needs to be a standard 3-way switch.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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