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Hi all,

I had a new pair of front railings installed at the very end of January. About a month in I noticed chipping paint on multiple surfaces, even low use ones. I contacted the company and they said they would come out and touch them up once the weather warms up here (Minnesota).

My question to you is does that seem sufficient? I am concerned the problem will persist after touch ups. I have not paid yet, so would it be unreasonable to request they remove them and redo it?


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Do I see rust under those chips?

If so it looks like they did not paint them correctly.

Installed in January, there has not been time enough to get rusted, therefore they painted rusty metal, and passed it off to you.
That will never last, I have a similar railing that I bought at a local ironworks shop 20 years ago, and it has not shown any signs of rusting.

I installed it myself, but the ironworks built them from scratch to my specifications.

If that is rust spots, in my opinion, you been robbed.

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