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I am in the process of building a lean to on the gable end of my vinyl sided garage, The dimensions are 20' long and 12' wide enclosed. I have six 12"holes dug 36"deep, with a 6" footer poured in the bottom the post will be on 4' centers. the roof will be metal ,I plan to pour a 4" concrete floor including around the post after the roof is on . My questions are as follows

  1. 4x4 post or 4x6( treated)/ any need for post sleeves to avoid post rot
  2. 2x8 rafters on 16' centers/2x4 perlings for roof
  3. is 12-2 roof pitch adequate to maintain 6' headroom/ average 6-12 snow fall per season.
  4. rafter joist hangers /rafters flush with top plate
  5. How much of the lumber should be treated.
  6. what type of flashing to use between vinyl and metal roof
  7. any ideals for a door type./ prefer garage door type
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