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new polyurethane v.o.c. content

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in ohio they just tightened up on the v.o.c. limits. polyurethane now has 350 grams/liter instead of the older 500 grams/liter. (gotta love those law makers looking out for those of us that forget to open windows or use resperators) minwax has tried to market this inferior product by using the term "high build"-you only need two coats!!! my question is there any way to thin this new stuff with paint thinner or something to get the same coverage as the old stuff? it used to cover 600-700 sq.ft. but the "high build" only covers 400. (i tried the new stain which is 250 grams/liter now instead of 500, it's much thicker, dries slower, has less coverage, and is more uneven in the color distribution.)
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For the most part, companies have been leaving out the "dryers" to comply
More than that, it's a proprietary thing, so we'll never know really
As most driers tend to up the VOCs, it makes the hunt for what's missing harder, as companies can't suggest products that do so (under penalty of law)

Higher build always means less coverage
has anyone tried cobalt naphthenate?
has anyone tried cobalt naphthenate?
Sorry, I can't even spell it
...never mind even heard of it
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