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new pelet stove base

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Would like to add a pellet stove in the basement , I have the vent kit , no stove yet but would like to make a base for the stove to sit on .
My question is how is this made with, do I start with a 2x4 base with 3/4" plywood or just use cement blocks ? Would like it to look nice and build my sub floor around it.
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I have a wood pellet stove in my basement. I just used 4X16 inch cement blocks on my concrete floor like you suggested. Doesn't look really spectacular but it's an unfinished basement and the heat helps to warm not just the basement but the whole house.

You will really like it. We go down there at least once a day and watch a little TV and sit by the fire and have coffee or tea.

If you are handy and want to build your own, gregzoll makes a good point.

You can also google or bingit, wood pellet bases. There are plenty of ideas out there, either to buy a nice one or make your own. Check it out, they may have other ideas that may spark your interest. Just a suggestion, I'm not much of a carpenter myself.

Maybe also ask this question to the carpentry forum. I'll bet someone has made one for somebody. They may also give you some more ideas.

That is a nice thread. Wow! I wish I had the skill set that schumakerscott has.
He made a castle out of that house.

I was stationed in Germany for 12 years with the army. Been to Grafenwhor many times. Germany Has some very nice landscape and stuning views of castles and vineyards.

Thanks for the thread. I'm sure bote110 will find some nice ideas there.
Roger that gregzoll - will do. Thanks.

Grafenwhor is one of the biggest US forces training centers in Germany. That's where we did all our live firing excercises with MLRS, weapons training etc.

I'll stop by and say high to shumakerscott.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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